B.C. Country: Serving Rural Broome County

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About BC County Rural Service

Service Bulletin:

Effective January 1, 2014, the suggested  OFA contribution will be $1.50.

  • B.C. Country is a "curb to curb" shared ride service available for riders living in rural parts of Broome County. Buses travel to various rural parts of Broome County including Whitney Point, Lisle, Port Crane, Harpursville, Kirkwood, Windsor, Maine, Glen Aubrey, Chenango Forks, Chenango Bridge and certain locations in Vestal on scheduled days of the week. 
  • Fares: $3.00 one way, $2.00 for persons with disabilities, $1.25 donation for persons 60+  Effective January 1, 2014, the suggested OFA contribution will be $1.50
  • Reservations are needed in advance a minimum of 2 days or a maximum of 1 week
  • Service is available Monday-Friday only.  Hours vary, please call for availability.
  • Buses are wheelchair accessible.
  •  607.763-4464 for more information.


  • The fare is $3.00 for each ride.

    BC Country Bus

  • Children under age 5 ride free when accompanied by an adult.
  • Persons with disabilities* will be charged a reduced fare of $2.00 for each ride.
  • If you are 60 and older and show the Office for Aging identification card you will receive an envelope to make a confidential contribution of $1.25 toward the cost of the service; however, service will not be denied if you are unable to contribute. To receive an application for a card either call the Office for Aging at 607.778.2411 or download it from this site.[More]
  • Effective January 1, 2014, the suggested OFA contribution will be $1.50
  • Riders must pay exact fare. Pennies and rolled coins will not be accepted.  Drivers do not have change.

* Persons with disabilities must have an ADA card to qualify 

Reservations:  Scheduling Your Ride 

If you are new to BC Country call 607.763.4464, press option 3, to speak with a dispatcher and  receive additional ride information in the mail.

Once you are an established rider, call 607.763.8747 Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for ride reservations.   Please leave your name, address and return phone number to receive your ridership information in the mail. 

For complete updated instructions to schedule a ride, click here.

Current users of the system must call at least two business days in advance or up to one week in advance.  If traveling on a Monday, you will need to call before 3:30 PM on the preceeding Thursday.  BC Country is closed for service on Saturday and Sunday.   Please remember to reserve both your destination and return trips.  Note:  A trip is defined as a one-way ride.  Example:  If you want to travel to United Medical Associates from your home and back, you will have to schedule two trips.

B.C. Country vehicle times fill up quickly. The more in advance you call for a ride, your chances increase reserving the times you want. BC Country is a shared ride service. The vehicle may stop along the way to pick up other riders, so plan on extra time for your trip.

To speed the process, please be ready to leave the following information: Your name, the date of the ride, the time you want to be picked up and returned (if you have an appointment, please leave the appointment time as well), where you want to be picked up and returned and where you want to go.

How to Cancel a Ride 

If your plans change, and you cannot go on a previously scheduled trip, it is very important that you call and cancel your reservation at least one hour before your scheduled pick up time. This will allow us to give the ride to someone else.

"No Show" Policy  

If the driver goes to your pick up place and you are unavailable to ride, they are required to wait five minutes past your scheduled time and then you will be recorded as a "no-show". Please be aware that three no-shows in a thirty-day period may result in a thirty-day suspension of service.  However, frequency of rides will be considered. The "no-show" policy includes late cancellations of trips made less than one hour to the scheduled trip time.  Cancellations are to be made more than one hour in advance to not be considered a "no-show"    Note:  A trip is defined as a one-way ride.  If you have multiple trips scheduled, each trip must be cancelled. 

When the Bus Comes 

Your scheduled pick up time is only approximate. The driver will get to you as close to the schedule time as possible. However, there are factors beyond the driver's control such as traffic, weather, etc. that may affect your time.  The bus may also pick you up as much as fifteen minutes after you scheduled pick up time without being considered late.  

B.C. Country is a CURB TO CURB service. You don't need to wait outside, but you must be in a location where you can see the bus.  Drivers cannot go inside to get you. You need to be able to get to and from the vehicle by yourself, if you use a wheelchair you need to be able to get on to and off the wheelchair lift without the driver's assistance. The driver is only required to operate the wheelchair lift and to secure the wheelchair once you are on board or else you need to arrange ahead of time to have someone there to help you.

We will be glad to let your personal care attendant (PCA) ride with you.   PCA's may ride with you for an additional $3.00 each ride.  When making a reservation, you will need to inform our scheduling unit that a PCA will be riding with you. 


All BC Country buses are wheelchair accessible; however, your mobility aid (wheelchair, scooter, etc.) must meet the measurement requirements below: 

  • Width - cannot exceed 30 inches
  • Length - cannot exceed 48 inches (measured two inches above the ground)
  • Weight - cannot weigh more than 600 pounds when occupied

Still need help finding a ride?

See our transportation directory

Passenger Rules for Riding   

The following are prohibited on any Broome County Department of Public Transporation vehicle.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in your being removed from the vehicle and your being suspended from riding.

  • Eating or drinking of any substance on the bus.
  • Consumption of alcohol and/or illegal substances.
  • Smoking.
  • Possession of weapons.
  • Boarding the bus with hazardous or dangerous materials or devices.
  • Behavior that is considered to a reasonable person to be dangerous, disruptive, obscene, threatening, violent, inciting or insulting language and/or gestures.
  • Fighting or mock fighting.
  • Throwing objects in the bus or out the windows.
  • Using sound producing devices without earphones. (radios, boom boxes, mega-phones, etc).
  • Panhandling and soliciting.
  • Harassing or intimidating any person.
  • Putting hands out the window.
  • Putting hands on or touching other passengers without consent.
  • Bicycling, rollerskating, rollerblading or skateboarding on the bus.
  • Animals, except service animals.
  • Lack of shoes, shirts, other appropriate attire.
  • Placing of any objects in aisles or other places where a reasonable person would consider dangerous.
  • Our policy manual is found here.